Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still In The Yard

Sunset at Greenfield Way again last night. I know you guys have to be bored to death with the sunsets and sunrises, but they are so beautiful I can't help myself, I run inside to get my trusty little Cyber-shot. I told James last night, after viewing this sunset, that this is what I love the most about living on this street. Since I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, sunsets were every day occurrences, something I took for granted for 30 years until I moved to the Carolinas. Then they became very rare indeed, because I lived in neighborhoods where I never had a great view of the sun going down. Now we get to enjoy them every evening, and it reminds me so much of home- my real home, Florida. I don't know about anyone else, but a lovely sunset gives me great peace of mind.

Last night was yet another night for working in the yard, and James is carrying on with his task of removing the rocks. As you can see from the photo below, he is working on a monster mountain right now. This one is enormous, and stubbornly wedged into the ground, so my smart husband is using water to eat away at the hard red Georgia clay (which is what our entire yard is made of- every time I go to plant something I have to buy a bag of soil to replace the clay with). James has chipped away at this one for two nights now and it has yet to budge, but maybe softening its stronghold in the ground will help it come out. We are trying to keep it whole, as we did with the other large stones. We have a landscaping idea in mind where we will use the rocks as decorations, once we wash them off and shine them up a bit.

And here I am as moral support, or comedy relief, I'm not sure which. After watering the veggies out back, I had nothing better to do than stand around and watch the husband work. But let's just say I was very happy on pain pills in this photo! Yes, the treadmill of Monday night and the walk from Tuesday morning caught up with me, and I was miserable with bad bad pain by Tuesday afternoon. In this photo, I had just taken double (4) my pain pills, 4 Tylenol, and 1 Vicodin within the last two or three hours. I was SO in a good mood, and yes I was still standing, barely. Unfortunately I was also still in pain, but not as much, and sleep last night eluded me because I could not get comfortable. I have low expectations for epidural number four working next week, since 1-3 have so far given me nothing but false hopes. No walking on my schedule today, though, I know when I've been beat. I will be lazy today, and maybe paint my toenails or catch up on clipping coupons or sit out on the deck and read. We are going to Knoxville this weekend, and I really don't want to be hurting and in an ill mood around James' family.

Another new color of gladiola in the garden, I am so happy with the bulbs I planted, although a lot of them didn't come up (maybe next year?) and a lot of them that came up still haven't bloomed yet. I do have four plants coming by mail order any day now, I didn't tell the hubby when I ordered them last week but I guess he will know it now when he reads this. I've been looking at all the local nurseries (Pike's, Lowe's, Wal-Mart) for flowers to attract butterflies. I ended up going online and ordering them from Park's, which is a huge place back in South Carolina. They had a great sale going on, but of course once the shipping was added into the price, it will cost about what it would have to buy local. But, I found exactly what I was looking for. So I hope to be adding new color to the garden, and then THAT is it for this summer, I promised James no more. Of course, come autumn I will be out planting winter bulbs...... Here's my newest glad, and a pic of the great sign I got on my last trip to Pike's. I've always wanted a ceramic tile house number plaque, this was so cute I couldn't pass it up.

Happy Happy Day!!


  1. Remember what I told you, James needs to becareful that the yard doesn't come tumbling down. The only thing that hold the clay down is BIG rocks in Ga. ha Ha Too bad their football team isn't that strong. I know he thinks at work all day "oh boy another rock tonight".
    As for your pain, you need to take it easy until the meds work in your system. And quit playing Dr. House....too many pain pills.
    Take care

  2. Sadly, I only have one more Vicodin in the bottle.........they are saved for super bad days only, as yesterday was.

  3. I would rent a Caterpillar and knock all of those rocks out in one day.

    We have that clay mess in Alabama too.


  4. My husband says he is about ready to rent a jackhammer. He's a strong man, but I think even mortals have limitations. I think this rock might have him defeated.

  5. I agree - rent a front end loader or back hoe or whatever those big orange things are that digs big holes and can get those rocks. Poor James is going to have a heart attack! Hope you're feeling better!

  6. Hi Sandy, You all are working hard in that yard. And I can only imagine what your temperatures are down there... Ours are HIGH enough and we're 2000 feet UP!!!!

    Have fun in Knoxville. Hope you will feel okay while there.

    P.S. Love your glads... I've had them---but they didn't do so well after that first year. So we replaced them with something else.

  7. WOW!! That is one mother rock!! Rent the machine and save your husband!!! (And your pain pills!!! ...Though you looked like you were truly enjoying them and NOT feeling too much pain!!) Fingers crossed for the next epidural!!

  8. The thing about the rocks- as far as I was concerned, they were not a problem. I think, and I could be wrong, that James is just doing this as exercise and to give him something to do after dinner besides sit and watch TV. Maybe not, but that's what I believe. The thing about my husband is, once he puts his mind on a project, he goes at it full force! As for the big one, I told him just throw the mud back over it, plant grass seeds, and call it a day!!!!!!!