Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun With Antiques

Wowee, did we ever have a great day today. We went to the Scott Antique Markets. Yes, I know, it doesn't look grammatically correct but it is. Anyhow, it's on "our" side of Atlanta, just three miles from the airport (super cool how low the planes were flying!). I've been wanting to go ever since I read about it in the paper a few months ago. And it's also listed in the latest issue of Southern Living, so that just increased my desire for us to go. It's two huge buildings, 2400 booths inside, and 500 outside. And I think they were ALL full. We were there for hours, and we pretty much just meandered along every aisle and looked at each booth. Very few times did we actually stop and check something out.

It was so fun, when it was time to go to the other building, they have large buses that shuttle you back and forth. I think the outside vendors were just as great as the indoor ones, I saw a lot of funky garden art. I have never in my life seen SO much furniture, jewelry, rugs, toys, silver, linens, paintings, architectural pieces, chandeliers, oh man I can't even think of everything they had, it was so much to take in. The market is once a month, so I know we will go back again, it was just so overwhelming!

Believe it or not, the only thing we bought at the market was ice cream and soda. I was only really looking at artwork, but everything was outrageously priced. I saw pieces in the thousands. The cheapest one I saw that I loved was $400. Of course, this is an antique show, not a neighborhood yard sale. I saw artwork dated from back around 1900 and older. Gorgeous oil paintings, lightly crackled, with beautiful gilded frames. Yikes, only for the super-rich folks in Buckhead!! Of course, I saw some pieces and thought, yeew, I can paint better than that.

If you live in this area, wow, I really urge you to go, even just to look. Admission was only FOUR DOLLARS!!! And it was good for the whole weekend (Fri-Sun). We saw some awesome stuff there, but I have absolutely no sense of style or decorating. I see houses in BHG, decorated in the country style, with old pieces used as functional items as well as artwork. While I may have champagne taste, I have tap water talent for decorating. I saw things and thought, wow, that is SO cool- but what would I do with it??

Maybe when we go next time, I will have a better of idea of what I am looking for. But probably we will just go again and enjoy a day out, and just take it all in. Awesome.

(James at the car after we'd walked around for hours and hours...a man can take only so much shopping in one afternoon! Actually, he was standing there patiently because I forgot I had the car keys and had to find them in my cavernous purse.)


  1. The Antiques Markets sound fabulous!! I could get lost in there for days!! Even weeks!! Sounds like you had a nice time.

    I so hope you are feeling better. I popped back in your blog a bit, but I'm having a heck of a time trying to catch up with a week of everyone's blogs!!

  2. Cool! What a fun day that must have been! Looks like you had nice weather too which is always the icing on the cake.

  3. I didn't see anything with black cats! I was disappointed. The only thing I saw was a little Steiff black cat, and it was $300. Okay, not for a stuffed animal, even a really old Steiff. I really was surprised that I didn't see any other black cat collectibles.

    There was a cool artist there, actually painting in his booth. He takes old windows and paints on the backside of them (reverse glass painting), and he had a fun tuxedo kitty, but this was an enormous four-pane window, I don't know where I would have put it!