Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Here is the beautiful sky from this morning, when I went down the driveway to get the papers. Up a little earlier than usual today, as I had my epidural scheduled for 7:30am. Everything went well. I followed my doctor's advice and at a little after 6:00 I took three Valium, and one Zanaflex. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot, and although I was quite loopy, I did manage to stay on my feet the whole time! James said I was walking and talking like I was drunk, really slow and slurred. Since I don't drink alcohol, I will just have to take his word for it. The procedure went well, and even though it was still painful, it was over quickly and I was home by 8:30, where I went to bed and proceeded to sleep until 2:00 this afternoon.

I am quite sore in my lower back, and moving very gingerly. It does hurt to sit, even on the comfy couch, but that was to be expected. It's actually not quite as painful as my last two epidurals were. Of course I'm not allowed to drive for awhile, because I may experience numbness in my legs for a few days, as I am right now. So, I'm taking it easy today, not doing much but watching Bravo and E! all afternoon. I did drop something on the floor earlier and tried to lean over to pick it up! OMG, ice picks were stabbing me in the butt!! At least, that's how it felt. So, no more leaning over for a few days.

The nurse said I will be sore for about 2-4 days, and although I can apply ice to the area (no thanks), I have to wait at least 24 hours to apply heat (my favored method for my back). Also, I can't have a hot bath for about a week! Agh! She also said that it may take 3-7 days before I feel the full effects of the epidural. The proper medical term for what I had is "selective nerve root block". Epidural is easier. I guess they filled me up with a combination of an anti-inflammatory and steroids. They told me to watch my high blood pressure, because the amount of steroids they gave me can make it skyrocket. Of course this morning when they took it, after all the Valium, my BP was 102/67, my heart rate was 74. WOW! My regular BP drugs don't work that well. I asked the nurse, why don't they use Valium to treat high blood pressure if it works that well. She said in the old days they did, but because it's so addictive, they don't anymore. Well, too bad, because I felt good this morning!

I am scheduled for another epidural in two weeks, so hopefully after that, I can find some relief with my sciatica. I hope so. It's hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel, because it's been three years now, and because I am in a lot of (temporary) pain right now. But I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I forgot to take the camera to the doctor's office today, but I'm not sure what I would have taken a photo of. Me, in the waiting room, doped up?? In no makeup, wearing grungy clothes? Instead, here is a super cool photo I took of Maarten a few minutes ago. If you enlarge it, you can see my hand holding the camera, reflected in his eye. Neat!

I will read and catch up on all your blogs. Also, sorry to see I lost a follower, soon after Monday's posts. Hope I did not say anything to offend anyone, that is not my intention. For the rest of you who I have not run off yet with my boring posts, please have a great day, I will be back to post again soon!


  1. Sandy, Hope you feel better soon!
    I LOVE Maarten's closeup! He'll keep you company for sure....nothing like the healing powers of a cat!

  2. It's odd, all day today all five cats left me alone. Even when I went to bed, the three that usually follow me in there stayed out in the living room. It's like they knew I didn't feel well so let me be.

  3. Hi Sandy, It's great to hear from you again. I am so proud of you for your weight loss. Hope you can get some relief from your sciatica pain. That is NO fun.

    I enjoyed seeing your photos of all of those gorgeous homes. One would never know there is an economy problem when looking at those homes. ha

    When are you bringing your sweetie back to Knoxville?

  4. We'll be in Knoxville for Father's Day. We try to get up there about once a month, and especially on holidays. I enjoy visiting his family, they live on several acres and they have a beautiful yard with fruit trees, veggies everywhere, flowers, birds, bunnies. A nice place to spend an afternoon.