Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Next WWE Stars

Here's a fun video of Maarten and General wrestling this morning. This is a common sight around the house with these two. I am experimenting with the video part of my new camera, so hope this works out...


  1. Cute! We have terrier smackdown every night when I sit down to read. Aggie's "wrasslin" name is Hambone Zamboni and Monty is Chicken Wing. Willie's name used to be Pork Chop. All I have to do to keep them going once they start is say things like "Smackdown!" and "Cairn Toes!" They are nuts!

  2. Oh man, I haven't even thought of that, I've got to give them macho superstar names!! We call Maarten "Pee Boy", because on the move from SC to GA, he peed all inside his carrier (several times) and it took weeks before his fur stopped smelling like pee pee. I don't think that's a very intimidating wrestling name, though.