Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give It Away

I know I've posted in the past about giving clothes to Goodwill. I'm sure like me, those who read my blog who are also losing weight, are also dropping in clothes size as well. I know I have gone from a 3X in December, to a 1X-regular XL now. So I have a lot of clothes to donate, and every day I toss something else into the cardboard box sitting in my closet, ready to go to Goodwill when it's full. But, I read a very small but enlightening article in the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens. It said that you can donate old worn out, ripped up, full of holes articles of clothing. What Goodwill can't sell in their stores, they apparently sell to textile recyclers, who turn the old yucky clothes into something new! Goodwill still makes money from it. I never knew that!! I would look at an old T-shirt with a big rip in it and say, "That's no good, I can't donate that!" Well guess what? I can! This information was very eyeopening for me, and I just wanted to pass it along to everyone else. If you have old clothing that you may consider to be rags and not wearable, Goodwill can still turn a profit on it. So donate all those pairs of stretched out underwear, holey socks, and jeans with ripped out knees! (photo from article online about Goodwill)


  1. Thanks for sharing that information!! So much more rewarding to know we can donate a bag of rags rather than dump it in the landfill!! I'll have to tell my hubby, who regularly is tossing out holey socks and shirts (mostly holey from steel toe boots and contact with acid at work!!) Perhaps we should keep them in a separate bag for donation and label it "rags"!!

    And by the way, congrats on dropping so many sizes!! I really need to go through my closet and a box of dress clothes that I'll never wear again!! Good time to do it - right after we get back from vacation again!!

  2. Hey - another idea is to find a Women's Center that can use the clothes for women going on job interviews. I did that with a bunch of my old suits and dress shoes.

  3. Oh such good information. I hate throwing things out and thus I have the world's largest "rag bag". For those of you under 60years old, a rag bag is something that every household kept back in the day. Never knew when you needed a rag and there were no paper towels then! I thank you for the information. I really need to get at my closets!

  4. Hi Sandy, Love that photo of you on the previous post. I checked out Tony's blog. I sent the link to my youngest son who has just started Weight watchers and has about 200 pounds to lose. Maybe Tony can help him.

    I didn't know that Goodwill took old tattered and stained clothes. That's neat to know.


    Keep us posted when you do have your epidural. Hopefully you can get some relief from your pain one of these days. I do know that losing weight helps alot of problems.


  5. Thanks for letting us know! And good for you for giving all your too big clothes away.

  6. I read that too! So glad you're spreading the word. Have a wonderful weekend and stay out of trouble! :)

  7. Someone sent me an email with the same info. Enjoy your blog, and congratulations on your weight loss.