Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lessons On Being Careful

Not much to blog about today, yesterday was rather vanilla. Most of the day I spent up in the studio, working on scrapbook pages. James had to work a little later because of a meeting with his night shift folks. When he came home we had salad for dinner, then took a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get a fan for the patio, and a new DVD player. We had a little one that used to stay in James' office, but when we plugged it in here after the move, it was dead. I remember when those suckers first came out, they were $500 and up. We got one for $30 last night. Nothing fancy, we only need it every once in awhile to pop in a movie, plus James admitted last night he wants to start playing our new Seinfeld Scene It game ($6 on clearance!).

I had grand plans to start doing my old exercise DVD's in the living room, but realized there was too much furniture-moving involved in that idea. I will stick to walking for now. Tomorrow is weigh in day at Weight Watchers, so I am hoping for a good meeting and a great result. I hate weighing myself because the numbers fluctuate so much from day to day. Some days I'm like, whoopee!! Then the next day I'm like, are you serious, where did that come from?? I don't weigh every day, maybe twice a week. Usually on Mondays to see how horribly I did over the weekend, and again on Thursdays to give myself an idea of how it will go at WW the following day.

Last night my dad emailed me the website for a friend's wife, apparently she is a well-known artist and writer. She does the kind of artwork that hangs in galleries, and some of the pieces on her page had price tags of over $20,000- and some of the pieces also had "SOLD" next to them. Wow! I used to get excited when someone paid the 99 cents asking price for one of my art cards on eBay. I do have to start painting again, I tell myself that every day. I am feeling a little more creative these days, working on the scrapbook, because I have to give my pages pizazz. I also bought several blocks of colored polymer clay the other day, when Michael's had it on sale. Then I bought a few how-to books from Amazon, in the used section. So I'm going to give a try at making a little doodad or two. My Etsy shop has been empty for months now!!! The only thing I have listed on eBay right now is a grab bag of a few little Transformer things, which I started at $1 and thought I would be lucky to get that. It's up to $17.50 with 11 watchers. Yay. I guess with the new movie coming out, they are popular again. My stuff is from back in the 80's, when I was younger and watched the TV show and read the comics. I actually have several of the figurines still at my parents' house, so I'll be getting those listed soon- these are the full size models in the original boxes, so I'm hoping to cash in on the new movie's popularity and a whole new generation of fans.

Well, I have been taken to task by both my father and my husband about posting when we are going to be out of town. All over my blog, I've given out our real names, our city, our subdivision name, our street, and even our house number. Me, I don't even think anything about saying we are headed away for a week or weekend. Some days I post that James is working late or on a Saturday morning, or that I'm headed out to run errands for the afternoon. I guess I don't stop to think about weirdos or thieves or stalkers out there on Blogger. I know none of my regular readers are psycho, but I guess the menfolk are right in saying I need to be careful about what I put in the blog. Of course, if my blog was completely anonymous it wouldn't be nearly as fun to converse with everyone else. But, I have heard their advice and warnings, and I have taken heed. I will certainly update on trips once we get home, because you know I will have a ton of photos. Usually I am the suspicious, cynical one- but in this instance I did not even think about what I was doing, and that there are possibly people out there in blogland who would use my casual comments against me- rob my house while we're out of town, break in while I'm here alone. Sigh.

Here's a photo of General from yesterday, sleeping in one of his favorite spots- up on the ledge and behind the curtain in the bathroom window, enjoying lots of warm sunshine. Everyone have a good day!


  1. Your guys are right. Better safe than to share your comings and goings. I like to post after I'm home, saying that I've been gone. To your "loyal" followers it will be apparent that you are gone by your lacks of post though:)

    LOVE the picture of General on the sill behind the curtain. My orange guy loves to crawl up on the side of the tub behind the shower curtain, then plop done on the bathmat/rug on the floor. He always sticks out because he's so fuzzy, but he thinks he's hiding there!! When he's really scared, he'll just perch there on the side of the tub between the curtains. That's when he's really hiding!!!

  2. Thank you , thank you for you to say your listening hooray! I don't know who Little Black Scrap Cat is but I like her. If I could only get your mom to say that I was right, about anything...ha ha. I better be carful she reads your Bloga and comments also.

  3. I absolutely love that picture of General on the bathroom window sill! I think he has a little bit of my Sadie in him....don't cats just personify 'silly' though?

  4. General, our only "non" black cat, is definitely the silliest one. And the wildest. And the biggest trouble-maker!

    Yes, Dad, I do take your advice occasionally!!

  5. It's interesting about the internet, Sandy. Neither George nor I have ever had any trouble---and I post most everything about us, including when we leave, etc. I guess I just don't have that 'fear' inside of me that some do.

    I did quit posting pictures of my grandchildren using their names. But--that is about all I 'hide'... Some people that I communicate with won't even give their first names. I like to know people --because that is the best way to become friends.

    BUT--some people want to remain anonymous. Guess it just depends upon the person.

    Have a great day.

  6. You can never be too careful anymore - there are a lot of odd people out there. Can't wait to see what you do with the clay. Good luck with the Transformers!

  7. It's funny you should write about being more anonymous because I decided yesterday to take my last name off the blog - I haven't really said where I am at the moment - because I wanted to write about my crazy client! I guess you can never be too careful - your Dad is right. He's not only probably right most of the time - he's the bext joke teller in the world! And he can yo-yo, too!

  8. Now Dawn don't you tell all my secret talent's..