Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Deer

This is why I think the deer are using my back yard as a free buffet. Above are photos of deer in our front and back yard earlier this year. You can see they just about come right up my front walkway! Below is a photo of one of my pepper plants, the top just munched right off (I've since put tomato cages around them, hoping to save what's left of them). Also below are two of my bird feeders- they were filled on Saturday evening, and by Sunday afternoon you can see they are pretty much empty. Not even a legion of sparrows could empty them out that quickly! The way the middle terra cotta feeder has perfect little bare spots in the seeds, it looks as though the deer just stick their mouth in there and inhale it.

I do mind them eating my vegetables and flowers, but I don't mind them eating the seed because I know the squirrels get in my feeders every day, too. If I am going to put out feed for the "wildlife", I guess I can't be too choosy about who stops by for dinner.


  1. Sandy, We have alot deer here also (like I told you)--and we purchase online a liquid called Liquid Fence. It's pricey--but since we have so many flowers including roses, it's worth the price. We've used it for 3-4 yrs. now --and the deer do stay away.

    About bird feeders, unless you want to feed the night critters (and we cannot afford it) ---take you feeders in at nights. I do and it works...

    Just my thoughts.

  2. You may have raccoons and opossums eating the seed. We have a lot of deer but luckily they stay out in the open space behind us for the most part. Be careful of deerticks - that's one really good reason to deter them.

  3. I do enjoy looking at the deer, but ours mostly come out late at night. Normally we don't get to see them during the daylight hours. I'm sure with all the woods in the subdivision, we've got all sorts of critters out there. The only ones I know of for sure (that I've seen) are the birds, the deer, the squirrel, and bunnies- had a big fat one in our back yard tonight. I would love to know what is creeping in our yard at night!!