Sunday, March 29, 2009

The American Reality

So I mentioned in my last post that we are currently carrying two mortgages, I'm sure like many many Americans right now. We bought our beautiful home in Rock Hill (photo) in the fall of 2006, and we loved it. It was older, about 20 years, but custom built with a lot of unique features that we loved. The neighborhood was old with mature trees that towered along all the streets, and when we bought the house the market was so different. We paid full asking price the same week it went up for sale. Most of the houses in that neighborhood sold within days, because it was a very very small subdivision (three streets), but everyone wanted to live there because of the school district. So two years later in September of 2008, my husband had the opportunity for a promotion, something he had been working hard for. We worked for the same company, me for 8 years, James for about 12. We knew it was a risk, with the way the economy is, but we also knew for James it would be hard to pass up this chance for his career. When we bought our new house in Newnan on December 29th, we left behind our old home, still lingering on the market. It's been on the market for five months now, and although we get at least one-two showings a week, no one has even made the first offer. And of course, I've yet to find a job in our much smaller new town. Luckily James works in an industry that so far hasn't taken a great hit from the economy (wholesale food distribution). We don't stress out about our decision, because we both believe things will get better soon, and we also realize we are fortunate that so far we are still swimming with our heads above the water. I won't say it hasn't been an adjustment for me to lose my income and to take on a second house payment, but we are optimistic, and I don't regret for one minute the support of my husband's job.

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