Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Vintage-Flea Rocks!!!

Well today I had every intention of bragging about my favorite new store in downtown Newnan, The Vintage-Flea, and wow I discovered they have their own blog here!!! So I please encourage you to take a look (see my list). I've only been in there a few times now, but I adore it! I picked up their business card this weekend, they are opening their upstairs and from what I was told will apparently rent space to local craftspeople to sell their wares. Although as I mentioned before, my "stock" is low since I sold everything on eBay or Etsy at the end of last year, I am very very interested in seeing how this works out at the store. And if I can concentrate on painting long enough to finish something, and if I can find a place to once again start making my pottery, I am entertaining thoughts of checking out renting my own space at their store. It is what I have always aspired to do, share my work with others. Venues such as eBay and Etsy are great, but highly impersonal, although I had wonderful repeat customers who kept me going. But please check out The Vintage-Flea page with a link to the store's website. The artwork in the store by Valerie Dumas is something I've never seen before, and so unique that this last Saturday when I was in there, I just had to touch some of the pieces hanging on the wall (apologies) to see if I could figure out just what it was! I had to go on her website once I got home to read all about the technique, but instead of explaining it here, I will let you explore it on your own. Thanks! If you are ever in this area, please go see this quaint and wonderful little store! (Another photo of downtown that I borrowed.)

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