Monday, March 16, 2009

The New and Improved Studio

We are still unpacking boxes here and there after our big move at the first of the year. Life is almost back to normal, although I have a suspiciously growing list of items I just can't seem to find. One of them is the lamp I've always used when I paint. Whatever box it was packed in, it must still sit silently mocking me down in the basement. I've probably walked by a dozen or more times already and thought "Hhhmm, I believe I've looked in that one" when in truth I've not touched it yet. But the new "art studio" is coming along without the lamp. I've claimed the bonus room upstairs, a 500-square-foot room complete with closet and full bathroom. No more running back and forth to the kitchen for cleanups. The room is big enough that the kitties can keep me company without running all over my work space. And joy, I have large windows overlooking the woods out back, perfect for sunlight and fresh air (see above for the view). I'm currently working on my second painting since we've moved. The first one I buried among miscellaneous items on the fireplace mantel, hoping no one will notice it. Now I'm working on a cute little piece of Maarten sitting at the window, looking out at the birds. On a recent rainy day, he sat there mesmerized long enough for me to complete a sketch of him. The painting goes slowly, but I am in no hurry. If only I could find that lamp...


  1. Hi Sandy, I'm so glad the move went well. I've been thinking about you! I'm very jealous of your new work space and can't wait to see your new creations. We have six kitties now - the family just keeps growing. Wishing you happiness and sunshine in your new home!

  2. Hi Sandy!!!!!
    So glad to see you hear in blogland!!!! I too am getting a spare bedroom changed over to my's been such a long project and I can't wait until it's finished. Goes s-l-o-w when you're doing all the work yourselves.
    Looks like the kitties enjoy those big windows!

    Have a great day,