Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Fling

Home alone today, can you tell??

James and I love to travel, and we realized right away that is one of the "advantages" of not having children, just cats. It has allowed us to be spontaneous for extended weekends, or take as much time as we want to go wherever we want as long as the petsitter is available. We've been to a total of 14 Caribbean islands, some more than once. We've been to Mexico. We've spent two long vacations on the Outer Banks. Plenty of trips to the Gulf Coast beaches in Florida to see my family. Jaunts to the Tennessee mountains, to Asheville, to Myrtle Beach and Daytona Beach and Key West. We just love to get away from it all and spend uninterrupted quality time with each other. We love to plan our trips as well, and it's always fun to spend an evening at the computer looking up hotels and airfare and museums and restaurants. I count myself among the fortunate to be able to do this. This year we decided, between our tight budget and just to do something different, to go to Las Vegas for a week in place of our yearly Caribbean trip. It was spur of the moment, just a suggestion one night and the next thing you know, we were online booking everything. We leave in two weeks, and I'm excited. My husband works long days (up to 14 hours) and a lot of weekends (like today), and I don't get as much time with him as I would like. I've been to Las Vegas, and he has been, but both visits were years ago before we met. So not only am I looking forward to seeing Vegas again, but I'm looking forward to enjoying it with James. I always miss the kitties whenever we're gone, but I'm hoping they understand mom and dad need alone time.... (photo of James and me in St. Thomas last year)

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