Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Other NCAA

Saturday we spent the afternoon downtown, buzzing in and out of the shops and bakeries, and lately we seem to find ourselves there quite a bit. Newnan has a spectacular & busy downtown area (it is a square centered around the old courthouse) for such a small town, and they are big on the arts here. The Newnan-Coweta Art Association (NCAA) is an outlet for local artists to not only display their pieces, but sell them as well. Many of the local shops carry local artwork, and even places like city hall have paintings for sale. A few weeks ago my husband bought an oil painting for me that was hanging in Espresso Lane, a coffee house that not only had wonderful coffee and desserts, but a wall full of artwork for sale. The NCAA also offers many workshops to the public and I plan to take advantage of that. I am not in a position right now to "join" the organization, but maybe in the future. Newnan also offers an Art Walk a few times a year (there is one this Friday but it's supposed to rain) as well as Market Day on the first Saturday of the month from April to December. From what we hear, this is a very successful endeavor to bring not only local artists downtown but music and food and fun. Back in the late 80's and early 90's I used to set up booths at street fairs back home in Florida and I really enjoyed that a lot. I am hoping to possibly do the same on Market Days in my newest adopted hometown. Right now I have no artwork ready to sell, but it gives me a goal to shoot for, maybe later in the summer. My husband encourages me to paint every day, but I'm still struggling with getting it started back up again since we moved. I have so many distractions right now- planting bulbs, organizing the basement- sometimes painting just doesn't make it onto the daily To-Do list......... But, it sounds like Newnan is just the right place for me to be right now, and we love downtown (see the photo I borrowed from a website). I hope to get very familiar with it soon, and they with me as well!!

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