Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Sunday Hike

We didn't really have any specific plans for today, so over morning coffee (more on that in another post) my husband asked if I wanted to go hike, and we picked Cochran Mill Park for our destination. It sounded like a fine idea to me, we had an enjoyable walk together in our neighborhood last night, so a hike today made for another great outing for the two of us. Mind you, I'm terribly out of shape. I don't care how many miles a day I do on the treadmill, it's not the same as a hiking trail. Before I gained a big deal of weight, I used to hike all the time, long hikes that took all day. I couldn't do that right now even if a pack of wild dogs was on my tail. Today was a gorgeous day, and although the trail was marked as "easy" in our guidebook, it wasn't for me. It was only three miles, but it had quite a few hills. I hate hills, and they hate me back. Well, at least they hate my calf muscles, because hills make my lower legs scream at me to stop and rest. But the trail meandered along a river, with a few falls, so the scenery was worth it. There is a nature center midway on the trail, but it's closed on Sundays. Still, we were able to see the owls, hawks, and vultures in their habitats. I had to cross a creek barefoot, climb over the face of an enormous rock, and swat away the bumblebees, but it was a good few hours to spend with my husband this morning. I know it wasn't enough to burn off noteworthy amounts of calories, but it was better than making a pancake breakfast and sitting around reading the paper. And it was a nice day to be a tomboy- no makeup, hair in a ponytail, and one of my Life Is Good T's.

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