Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Prince

This will be quick, but I just wanted to write a note about how wonderful my husband is, how he is the best! On Tuesday morning, my car stalled and died on me as I was driving into town (we live out in the country). Now mind you, I have an irrational fear of breaking down on the side of the road, even though we have AAA and even though I drive a new SUV. I don't want to be that person who, at the busiest intersection, has to turn on their hazards and tie up traffic. My car did start back up, but I hurried back home and haven't left the house since. That night I asked my husband if it was the battery, the alternator, the oil pressure, any part of the car I could name. He looked under the hood, but there was nothing amiss at first glance. I was terrified of getting back in the car yesterday (I did say it was an irrational fear), so put off my errands of picking up dry cleaning and vacation photos from the lab and other items on my to-do list. But tomorrow I absolutely MUST go to Weight Watchers, which is 30 miles one way from here in another county. I can't miss a third meeting in a row, I would never be able to hold my head up again. So my amazing husband is driving my SUV to work this morning, to see if it is running okay and the breakdown was just a fluke (or my driving). My husband doesn't work close to home, he's about a half hour up the road in heavy traffic. I am so thankful he is doing this for me. If the car is okay today, then I will feel comfortable taking it out tomorrow. I know my husband didn't have to do this for me, he could have just said "it's fine, drive it", but he is doing this so I can set aside my anxiety over the situation. He is my champion! (photo of James graciously laughing at the silk shirt I bought him for his birthday this year- hey, it was deeply discounted, I couldn't pass it up)


  1. How sweet! I share your fear of breaking down and used to travel well over an hour each way to work. Glad those days are gone! Hope the car's okay.

  2. My husband confirmed that it is just my driving...