Monday, April 27, 2009

A Challenge

I am going to issue this challenge to everyone. I want to "see" where you are blogging from! We all post and we all have favorite blogs that we love to read, but I think everyone should include a photo of where they are when they read or post. Although my husband has a laptop and Blackberry through his company, I have to use the good old office computer for all of my personal business. This is James' "office", although he hasn't really fixed it up since we moved in. He tries to keep his desk presentable, but sometimes the paperwork catches up with him. I just sort of stack it all to the side whenever I sit down. So, this is where I'm at when I am reading all of your blogs, and when I'm posting to my own. Let me see where you are doing the same!! Please share a photo on your blog of your special "blogging area" or office. Thanks! (photo of the desk in my husband's man cave) (had to add a photo of a few of my buddies who hang out with me when I blog)


  1. Ha! I'd have to clean... I'll think about it... In the meantime, I checked out the gray shadowy figure again. It gave me the option to add a name and photo which I did. Very strange but now you'll know it's me!

  2. I see you again, yay! And girl, I saw your great sales on eBay this week. Wowzer!!!

  3. Thanks, Sandy! I was surprised at the auction amount but it certainly helps to pay for the kitty chemo. Okay, I am taking a picture of my Blog Headquaters and will try to get it posted tonight. Right now I need to get some work done. Stay cool! (it's going to be 90 degrees here again today)