Friday, April 3, 2009

Headed Out

Not much for me to post today, I am in the middle of packing up my SUV. I am waiting for my husband to call me and let me know it's time for me to come and get him. Then we are headed back to South Carolina to check on our old house, see if it needs cleaning since we have so many people coming to look at it. We haven't been to the house in about 5-6 weeks, so I'm sure there is dirt tracked in there. We are driving part of the way today, by the time James calls me and I get to his place of employment (half hour away), it will probably be 5:30 or so when we get onto I-85. And that time of day, on a Friday, in downtown Atlanta, oh my god if you have never experienced that before, well, it's a nightmare of red tail lights and a lot of sitting in one spot. Thankfully Atlanta is a beautiful city so I usually don't mind enjoying the sights while we are just cruising along at 5 MPH. We will probably spend the night in Greenville, or thereabouts. I filled the car with gas, I have a cooler full of water and diet soda, and a bag of snacks. So hopefully we won't need to stop until we are ready to crash at a hotel for the night. It's only a 4-5 hour drive over there to Rock Hill, but the last time we did it all in one day- over & back again- and James said that was too much for him. So we will split it up this time. I always offer to drive (when we take my car, he has a stick shift which I can't drive), but he says riding with me when I'm behind the wheel is more stressful for him! (photo of my husband's car that I don't know how to drive)

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