Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Starbucks, I'll Miss Ya'

Well I have made a big decision, and I am putting it down here so that it will haunt me forever. I have decided that once we get back from vacation, I am going to give up coffee. (I can't do it before vacation, do you seriously expect me to travel 3500+ miles round trip with my husband while I'm detoxing from a lifetime habit of coffee???) It probably won't be for eternity, but at least for a few months, maybe the rest of the year. Not because of the caffeine, because I don't plan on going without my Coke Zero anytime soon. But because I can't drink coffee black. It doesn't matter what kind of coffee I buy- flavored, expensive, instant- I load it up with sugar sugar sugar and lots of creamer. It's the only way I can enjoy it. Once, when I was younger, a relative asked me that age old question "Want some coffee with your sugar?" It's the only way I've ever been able to drink it. I've even tried using, gag, sugar substitutes but they leave a nasty aftertaste that turns me off. I can't stand black coffee, which is strange to say because I really LOVE coffee. Especially now that I stay home, and can make my own (my last office used some swill they passed off for coffee, but I knew better), and I easily drink a huge 12-cup pot every day. I would pass out if I knew the calorie intake of all the sugar I used. I buy my sugar by the ten pound bag, and I don't use it for anything other than my coffee. And I could keep Coffee-mate in business all by my lonesome. I've been known to let my coffee get cold, load it up with more sugar and creamer, throw it in the blender with ice cubes, and suck that down like there's no tomorrow. So in my struggles to keep on with the weight loss, the 90 tablespoons of sugar a day in my coffee has just got to go!!!!

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