Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well in theory at least. I've got the struggling part down. Every day that goes by and I don't work on a painting or sewing project or something creative, I feel like I am falling farther behind on "where I want to be" in this point of my life. I love all sorts of media- painting, pottery, needlework, papercrafts, photography- but since we've moved I've completed all of two paintings, and that's it. I love artwork and all handmade crafts. I buy it compulsively wherever we go- vacations, the mountains, the beach. I but it from my favorite artists on Etsy and eBay. But I've produced squat lately. Some days I feel like I won't find my creative side again. Some days I think it's just because I'm so unorganized right now. Other days I have really great ideas but just never get around to doing anything about it. Although I can't whine too much about my pottery because right now I can't find/don't own a kiln to use. But everything else- painting, quilting, woodworking- all of the other areas that are completely in my control, have just seemed to escape me. Maybe I am lacking the passion right now. I admit I am struggling since the move, with being at home all day alone, my friends in another state, no job to get me up and moving every day. Perhaps a little depression? I don't know. I just don't have a desire to make anything artsy these days. I want to find that little muse who forgot to move to Georgia with me- did I leave her in South Carolina?? (photo of a candlebox I made when I was doing pottery)


  1. Your muse will catch up with you. Your mind is pre-occupied with so many other things going on. A move is a major life change - right up there with death and divorce! My muse disappears for weeks at a time and suddenly shows up at the oddest times. BTW, scrapbooking is highly creative. The candlebox is so pretty but I favor the one I have that you made with little kitties all over it! :)

  2. Lisa, your muse must be working overtime because you are creating lots of beautiful artwork right now. I think getting my "studio" organized will help- half my gear is upstairs in the new bonus room, some of it is still downstairs in the basement. Lots of work yet to get it done. I am to the point where I need the hubby's help, and with him working 60-70 hours a week, I don't bug him too much. Wish the kitties could help build shelves!