Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Conclusion

So for my last entry about the Vegas vacation...On the days when we didn't travel out of town, we played tourist on The Strip and around Las Vegas. We walked The Strip both day and night, went in and out of all the famous casinos, went to the top of the Stratosphere, played games in the arcade at Circus Circus, even drove out to the racetrack so my NASCAR-crazy husband could see it. We only ate at a buffet once (at the Rio), tried In-N-Out Burger (we don't have them in the south), went to Wal-Mart to buy a coffee pot for our room (yes, we packed it and toted it home), enjoyed an evening on Freemont Street, and along the way added to our addicting elongated penny collection (see if you don't know what these are). We even accidentally stumbled across the Vegas division of my husband's company (my former employer too). We bought very few souvenirs- I collect silver charms, James T-shirts- so on the last day in town we bought James a few new pairs of Levi's on sale, and I treated myself to a new Coach purse and a Vegas bracelet at Brighton. (I'm a purse ho!) Then we came home to very happy kitties, and that night we slept 15 hours. No exaggeration. I love sleeping in my own bed. (misc photos of Vegas)

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