Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The First Roadtrip

Our first trip away from Vegas was to the Hoover Dam, and this was on

Monday the 13th. James was there back in 1991, and I was there in 1997. On my visit, I only stopped to take photos and stroll about, as did James on his visit. But my husband is all about discovering all the details, so we signed up for two tours, one of the power plant and another

behind the scenes tour of the dam. I have to say, it was very interesting, and our guide Frank Rivera was outstanding and very

comical. Apparently since 9/11, the tours of the dam are now very limited in the areas where civilians are allowed. Our guide said the Hoover Dam is number four on "the hit list" for terrorists as a target. I can't imagine the calamity it would cause, not only with flooding but with power outages for several states. Anyhow, that aside, our visit was wonderful and it was a beautiful day as you can see from the photos. We rented a convertible and even though the Dam is very close to Vegas, we made a day of it, with a side trip to Boulder City where we had a late breakfast at a local diner (forgot to get the name). We've included photos of the bridge they are constructing for a new bypass road around the dam. We were mesmerized watching the workers up there, and I could feel my toes curl at the thought of being up so high. (misc photos of our visit)


  1. This is someplace my husband always wanted to visit. I didn't realize it was on the terrorist hit list. Maybe when he retires we'll head out that way. Your photos are terrific!!

  2. p.s. Jim loved the pictures - esp of the bypass road or bridge thing under construction (he's a heavy equipment operator - this is right up his alley!). Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Modern engineering is such a mystery to me, but where would we be without it?!