Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boring Old Housewife!

I just want to apologize that my blog seems pretty boring. I originally set it up so that friends back in SC and family in FL could keep up with me, look at photos, etc. I tried MySpace and Snapfish, and I got bored with both very quickly. But now that I've become hooked on reading other folks' blogs, I know that people who don't "know me" are potentially reading mine. I know my posts are boring, because I stay at home all day long with five cats and no human contact. I hope it's a temporary situation, because in all honesty I do love working, and am suited to an office environment with a bunch of other cackling hens like myself. :) I love to spend all afternoon hitting the Next Blog button at the top of the page, and randomly looking at blogs. Even the ones that aren't in English, I can look at the photos and sort of figure out the content. I love looking at the blogs for both Lisa and Marie, and seeing all the art they are creating, and remembering a time when I was employed and would BUY art from them, ha ha. It was actually Lisa's blog that inspired me to start mine, I used to go on there to check out her latest paintings. I decided it was a good format for me, because I love sharing photos, and I enjoy reading and writing, both of which this blog site allows me to do. I'm inspired by the weight loss blogs, and even though my blog doesn't focus on my own endeavors, I do find that when I read others' daily ups and downs, it makes me feel like I am not alone even when I'm sitting at home- alone.

Other people have blogs about what they are doing. My posts seem to be more about my thoughts than my actual real life.

My life right now consists of passing the time every day until my husband gets home from work. Most days I spend reading paperbacks, painting, doing housework, gardening, and browsing the internet. I am not complaining, there is nothing wrong with my life, but it doesn't make for an interesting read for strangers who accidentally stumble across my blog! My husband says it doesn't matter if I go back to work right now, which currently with the economy is not much in my control, because I definitely have been looking. As long as I am happy with whatever it is I'm doing every day (okay, as long as it's not shopping!) and as long as I am not just sleeping all day and watching TV and being miserable. My point to this post is, I guess, that nothing interesting is going on in my life these days, so I don't blame anyone for passing on by my blog to find something a little more worthy of their time. I may one day start a daily weight loss blog, but even that wouldn't be interesting. Until I decide what I want my blog to really be about, I will just post about me and my life in general. Hope that is enough! (I don't know what photo to use for this, so I am using a photo of the new house in GA, where I spend my days now.)

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