Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Photo Slide Show

I hope everyone enjoys the photo slide show I added to my page. At first I was only going to put "flattering" photos of myself on there (read: before I gained weight), but I thought, that really isn't being honest. The photos start from 2004 forward, in no particular order (for those of you who know me, you can tell the year by my weight and my hair length/color). The photos were taken everywhere from our living room to Florida to Tennessee to Mexico to Cape Hatteras to the Virgin Islands and places in between. You can click on the slide show to enlarge it, too, so please feel free to take a look. James has the digital camera, I have a big honking 35mm camera which I refuse to give up. I do sneak his camera and get a photo of him here and there. I will add more as I get them, and you should see some of the Las Vegas photos in a few weeks. Thanks! (photo from our trip to Barbados in 2008)

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