Friday, April 24, 2009

Tyler and Luke

Well time to include some family photos, and get off the subject of me for awhile. I wanted to share a few photos of my nephews. Tyler is the oldest, he will be 13 next month. Luke is his younger brother, he will turn 6 the very next day after his big bro. My sister Darenda is two years younger than me, and married her true love after meeting him while she was at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), and she and Doug will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary this year (she got it right the first time around). They all live in my hometown of Bradenton, in fact probably just ten minutes away from my folks on the west side (beach side) of town. If there is one regret that I have about moving away from home, it's that I miss seeing the kids. I moved away from Florida about four months before Tyler was born. I only get to see them once, sometimes twice a year. They are both outstanding kids. I wish I could watch them grow up every day!


  1. Hi Sandy,
    CUTE pics! Hope you had loads of FUN in Vegas (dispite the blister)!!
    CONGRATS on your pottery piece....I didn't know you did that.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment for Laura to see on her birthday! Notice her little black kitty....she actually has two, they are brothers. They are what started me painting all those black cat art pieces!
    Hope you find a kiln to use as I'd love to see more of your art!

  2. Tell Laura to watch it with those black cats, they are addicting. We started with one, then two, then three, then four, then five..... :)