Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slow Going

I just finished posting a comment on another blog about how I was stuck in my weight loss efforts. I came back from Vegas about four pounds heavier, but that was over 1 1/2 weeks ago and the scale has not budged. Weight Watchers is in two days, and this week I intend to go to weigh in, no matter what. My leader sends postcards out to me all the time, and usually they are "way to go!" notes that I put on the refrigerator as motivation. This week's postcard said "we've missed you, please come back soon" as my last meeting was on April 10th. I'm not certain what I'm doing wrong right now, and I am determined to fix it. Since we got home, James and I have eaten big salads every night for dinner, loaded with good green/red lettuce and lots of veggies including cuke, broccoli, tomato, carrot, mushroom, even squash for James. For breakfast I have a small bowl of high fiber cereal with skim milk. I'm down to one cup (or less) of coffee every morning. I drink plenty of water, no soda. We keep fat free yogurt and fresh fruit in the house for snacks. And my lunches have been light. I've been walking on the treadmill every day, even when my back pain is bothering me. Of course, we undid ourselves this last weekend with the Greek restaurant on Saturday and Shane's Rib Shack on Sunday. So, maybe I just answered my question right there. I don't have any handy excuses this week to explain away the number on the scale. I can't say that we won't go out and eat over the weekend, because we do enjoy it and we are always out running errands. I can only commit to myself to make better decisions when we do go out. Although we don't fry foods at home (I never have or will- I have a fear of being splattered with hot grease), I seem to always order battered and fried dishes when we go out, chicken tenders being a favorite choice of mine. I think James and I bounce off each other when we go out, because if I want to order an appetizer he says yes, if he wants to split a large pizza I say yes. One of us needs to start saying NO to the other!! (photos are a sample of what I ate at Shane's, from their website)

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