Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Project

Have you ever gone to a zoo, an aquarium, on a cruise, a museum, to a ballgame, on an amusement ride- and a photographer is right there at the entrance "Just step over here folks, let me get your picture" then "You can pick it up later" etc. Well, I am a sucker for those photos, because I really love to have pictures of me and James together. My husband finds it half-amusing, half-annoying, but I think by now he knows that if there's a photographer standing around, somehow he is going to be $20 broker with yet another picture of us to add to the stack. And stack it is, there they all are on the right side of the photo. I've let them stay in their original envelopes and pile up over the years. This week I decided that if I can't have them out to enjoy them, I need to stop buying them. And I don't really want to stop buying them!! About ten years ago, all I ever did was scrapbook constantly, mostly photos of my dog. I did Creative Memories with a friend, but as the friendship fizzled, so did my scrapbooking career. I invested a small fortune in diecuts, paper, punches, scissors, rubber stamps. You get the idea. I still have all of my supplies hanging around the house, but I haven't scrapbooked in a long time. I decided that I would gather up all of our "portraits" and put them in an album. Some are as big as 8 x 10, some as small as 5 x 7. My husband looked at me indulgently yet again as I explained why I spent $60 at Michael's the other day. He smiled. He's seen me get all gung-ho on projects before, but coughing up a finished product is another story. But, that is my task this week, to get a finished album ready for viewing. So if you are reading my blog, you can picture me at the table scrapbooking this week. And if I am posting, hopefully I am just taking a short break from my new project! (photo of my Michael's purchase that made my husband smile)

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  1. That's a fun project - there is so much cool scrapbooking stuff out there. Have a wonderful time!