Friday, April 24, 2009

A Quickie After Before

I promise I am not going to post again today, because I am busy reading all the old posts from "A Blob Blog" (she and I could be twin sisters, our stories are SO alike!!) and I will be doing that all evening (the hubby's out until late for his Friday night poker tourny). While searching through my photos of the kids, and after visiting some other weight loss blogs to see their photos, I wanted to post these pics. These are probably the best photos I have of myself. I call them my "after before" photos, they aren't very clear but it's the best that I have. These are the photos from when I lost my 80 pounds in 2003, and before I started to pack them right back on again. These photos of me with my nephews were taken in Florida early 2004, right after James and I started dating. I was 160. About 10-15 pounds away from my goal weight. It took me a whole year to do it last time, but I am going to fight my way back down there again! Oh yeah, and I also WILL be growing my awful short hair back long again.


  1. Hi Sandy, you are too kind to spend that much time reading my entire blog. I hope you weren't too bored! Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading your blog and following your progress on WW. In one of your pictures I think I see the peanut butter bliss bars. Ohhhh how I wish the internet had a scratch-and-sniff option or a way to just lick the monitor for a little taste. They and the chocolate raspberry bars were my fave! YUM!!

  2. Small but sneaky, that's what they are. I love them, therefore I eat too many of them. It's easy to tell myself "Oh, they're only 1 point!" but you can't have just one! In fact, just writing this made me get up and get one!!