Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roadtrip Two

On Tuesday of our Vegas week, we got up super early and hit the road to the Grand Canyon. We had both been there back on our previous individual trips, but my first time there was miserable (read: ex-husband) so I was able to enjoy it this time. We took our time getting there and rode along famous Route 66 for as long as we could. We stopped in Williams for lunch at a diner that served pieces of pie as big as my head (we did not have any, just gazed longingly at them in the display counter). James and I spent a few relaxing hours at the Canyon, going to different lookout points to get several views. I do not want to sound disrespectful to Mother Nature, because although the Grand Canyon is beautiful, it wasn't the highlight of our trip. I do think it's a visit everyone should make at least once in their life, just to feel inspired and in awe of the planet we live on. Many many of the onlookers and photographers were foreign visitors, and I hope they enjoyed their visit. We looked at it, took photos, drove around the park, then headed back to the city. It was more the time we spent together on the adventure that made an impression on me. We were tired when we arrived back at the hotel at 10PM, but the day was worth it. (misc Grand Canyon photos, including one great nature shot of a deer peeing!)


  1. These photos are beautiful. I can't get over how wonderful the scenery is - looks like a movie backdrop. Pieces of pie as big as ones head would REALLY appeal to my Jim - especially if they had cherry. That's his number one choice when it comes to dessert. :)

  2. It was tough to ignore, the lemon meringue was really calling to me...