Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

On the computer early today, I am on a quest to find a new family medical practice for James and myself. Another aspect of moving that is becoming a burden. I loved my physician back in SC (see photo) and she was the best I've had in my entire life. She was warm and friendly, listened to my every word, and genuinely cared about not only my health but me as a person, and she gave out many much-needed hugs. I have a lot of issues that keep me at the doctor's office quite a bit- asthma & allergies, high blood pressure, acid reflux, migraines, and a bad disk in my lower back. I'm on nine different prescriptions for my various ailments. James has high blood sugar and high cholesterol, so he also needs a good doctor, although he only goes in for yearly check-ups. He never gets sick, while I'm prone to several cases of colds, flu, asthma attacks, etc., every year like clockwork. When I moved to SC, I found my doctor (and dentist) through personal referrals from friends. But since I don't know anyone here in Newnan yet, it is a crapshoot while flipping through the yellow pages. I've looked at the listings, gone online, and now today I plan to do a "drive by" on a few offices, to see what kind of vibe I get from them. I hate to admit that I'm a superficial person, but the location and appearance of a doctor's office will make an impression on me before I ever decide to call and set up an appointment. I hope to find someone as caring and lovable and funny as my last doctor, but that is yet another relationship I had to leave behind, and I don't hold out much hope for finding someone I bond with so quickly and so easily.


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