Monday, April 27, 2009

Cutting Back is Better

Well I said I would post more about my coffee addiction again. You know not long ago I posted that I was going to completely give up coffee once we got home from vacation. I was drinking 4-5 big cups (mugs) a day loaded with sugar and creamer, and I felt this was really just adding a lot of stupid calories that I didn't need. I talked about it with my amazing and wise Weight Watchers leader Marci, and she asked if I drank coffee just for the caffeine. I told her honestly- no, I really do love coffee, just super sweetened. She advised me that I shouldn't give it up, I should just practice moderation (what WW is all about) and possibly modify my "recipe". She said a good way to do that would be to simply make less coffee in the morning, and try to use Splenda. I thanked her, and kept the idea filed away. I've tried Splenda before, and although I like it on cereal, for coffee it alters the taste too much for me. See, we have one of those big coffee makers that makes 12 cups. I would get it going in the morning, my husband would have just oneish cup while reading the paper before work, and I would finish off the rest of it throughout the day. I sometimes even skipped eating a real meal because I just wasn't hungry due to the two huge cups of coffee I'd just polished off. Long story short, when we were in Vegas, our hotel room oddly enough did not have a coffee maker (probably because they wanted you to buy it downstairs in the casino from the Starbucks). Well, no coffee in the room didn't fly with us, so the first morning we went to Wal-Mart and purchased a small four-cup el cheapo one. Needless to say, we wrapped it up inside clothes in our suitcase and brought it home. So now, I have carried the old monster coffee maker to the basement. And the new junior one has taken its place. After my husband has his cup or so, then I only have what's left in the pot. I haven't yet started replacing the sugar with Splenda, but it is my next step. And guess what, I actually had a bowl of fiber cereal and skim milk for breakfast today instead of two cups of coffee! (photo of the new pot and how "much" coffee I get every day now)


  1. Decades ago I drank almost a pot of coffee a day. Then the heart palpitations started. So now I'm down to one large cup a day with a tad of skim milk. As long as it's really hot, I don't mind. You'd be surprised what you can get used to. I can't give it up because I get withdraw migranes and it's one of my few vices anymore. :)

  2. I think mine is mostly habit, always had access to it at work, at home on the weekends. Now I am home alone with that big pot just calling my name. So far the one cup a day is working out well. This morning my husband had to get up at 2:30am to go to work, so needless to say I did not get up and make coffee (mean wife). So, none for me today either, and I'm finding I'm okay with that.