Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunny Spider

I don't normally post about the cats, because they each have their own page on Catster (see their links to the right). But this week I took a few great photos of Spider and the gang. When weather permits, I always leave the windows open in the house (we have screens) so the cats can hear the birds and feel the breeze in their whiskers. Since it's warmed up, I've been letting them out on the back deck. The deck is two stories up, and there are no stairs that lead to the yard, so they are safely confined. I used to have a fear of them jumping off, but I realized they are smarter than I give them credit for. They do get up on the railing, and I rush outside to promptly grab the mischievous offender and take him or her inside for "time out". I never leave them out there if I'm not right there in the house to keep an eye on them. I must glance out the window every fifteen minutes to make certain everything is okay. Most of the cats just want to go out for a few minutes then come back in- they are used to the spoiled life of naps on comfortable couches and beds. But Spider has lately wanted to stay out there for a good part of the day, and as long as she is behaving (napping), I let her. My cats are strictly INDOORS only, although Spider is trained to walk on a leash and we toodle along in the yard and up the street on occasion. I know eventually it will be too hot for her to spend so many hours out there, but for right now I've been letting her enjoy the great outdoors. Mostly she just sleeps up in the shade under the cover of the BBQ grill. And when I don't let her out onto the deck when she wants to go out, she drives me insane by following me around the house and crying. It's a battle she always wins. I don't call her Mama's Kitty for nothin'! (photos of Spider enjoying a taste of life outside)


  1. She's so cute and so well behaved! My cats would jump regardless - at least Gracie would. We recently bought a pet gate - the kind that you put across the doorway to keep animals or children out of an area. It has a human swing door and a little cat door in it. So far two cats have escaped between the bars to get to the other side. Bella is so tiny she just walks thru like a ghost, without even slowing down. Gracie (14 lbs) gets her bottom stuck and has to pull and pull until you hear a twang when she breaks loose. Then she runs and leaps into the room glaring at us as if to say, "Nothing confines Princess Gracie, you dummies!"

  2. Well Spider is the princess at our house, I call her a little diva. She is S-P-O-I-L-E-D rotten, and she knows it. She doesn't understand why I won't let her live on the deck permanently, even right now she is crying incessantly. I guess it is time for me to get up and play personal servant to her, and let her out there. She won't leave me alone until I do.

  3. You're a goody cat mommy, Sandy. Mine walk all over me (literally) too! ;)