Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Love Story

For those who personally know me, they know that I am deeply in love with my husband, and he with me. James came into my life at the most perfect time, a time when I was able to reach towards the hand he was holding out for me. My first marriage was so bad, and my first husband was such a slug, meeting James was like finding out there really IS a Prince Charming and guess what, he wanted to go out with me! James is an amazing man, who loves me no matter what size I am or what mood I'm in, loves me even though I'm a terrible cook and hate housework, loves me whether I succeed or fail at something, loves me even though I can't drive a stick shift or shoot pool well, loves me when I pout or smile or frown. He loves me even when I have trouble loving myself. I have no good memories left of my first marriage, and that's for the best. This time around is a thousand million light years difference on the happiness scale. James is friend, husband, lover, support staff, protector, caregiver, good luck charm, provider, cheering section all wrapped up in a handsome, kind, caring, sexy, funny, huggable package. I can't believe I was blessed enough to find this four leaf clover of a man! (photo of our rental car from our honeymoon in Key West)

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