Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm an Arcade Junkie

On Saturday we trekked up to the Discover Mills mall, over in Lawrenceville. We had two missions in mind: buy a massive supply of jerky seasoning at the Bass Pro Shops (for our dehydrator), and to get the 8 elongated pennies found at two machines in the mall. Since it was such a long drive up there (about 60 miles), we decided to walk around the mall and make a day of it. We saw the same old same old stores, and yes we did a small bit of shopping, but we found a nice little surprise in the form of a Greek restaurant (a real sit-down place, not a counter in the food court) called Athens Kouzzina. Our waiter spoke with a Greek accent, and he was very friendly and very informative, because he was forthcoming with the ingredients in all of our food when I asked him. We sampled a few different dips (hummus, htipiti), James had a small Greek salad, and we split an entree of pastitsio, my favorite. We both love Greek food, but aside from a fast food gyro, good authentic Greek food has been hard for us to find. After we ate (I was good, I skipped my favorite dessert of baklava) we came across a Jillian's. James said, "Let's work off a few calories!" I know Jillian's aren't located everywhere, but I'm sure there are similar venues across the country. Big place, lots of video and arcade games, bowling alley, sports bar, food, pool tables, dancing, etc. James and I are both super competitive and addicted when it comes to arcade games, and there aren't too many that I don't love, or am not willing to at least try. I'm not sure how much money we loaded into the machines, but we played about ten games of skee ball, two games of Hyperbowl (what a BLAST!), five games of basketball, and one game of air hockey. Needless to say, I got a good upper body workout, and found I was actually sore when we left. I may be 42, but I've been playing in arcades since high school, and if I have to list the top five ways I would want to spend a Saturday, playing video games out at an arcade would be on it! (photo of a Jillian's courtesy their website)

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