Friday, May 1, 2009

King of Hearts

As everyone knows who reads my blog, I love my amazing husband to infinity and beyond. Loving your spouse also means loving, or tolerating, their habits and hobbies. Fortunately, I love most of my husband's hobbies- the only thing about him I have to tolerate is country music. One of James' greatest passions is playing poker. And, quite honestly, he's very good at it. He's won a number of tournaments (nice money but nothing you will ever see on ESPN) and more than that, he simply enjoys playing. When we visit my folks in Florida, he and my dad go to a poker room called One-Eyed Jacks (read: every night), and my dad is also very good at cards. I think it's wonderful that they have something to bond over, and something to go off and do together. It makes me feel good about my husband having a true friendship with my father. They both admire and respect each other, and I think sharing that time together strengthens their relationship. Of course in Florida, playing poker means winning cash. And I don't have to even tell you that James played lots of poker in Vegas (read: every night). When we go on our cruises each year, he has the chance to play in cash games as well (read: every night!)

Here in Georgia, that's a no no. But it certainly doesn't stop those who truly love it from playing the game. There is a large poker playing circuit here in this area, and quite a few of the sports bars participate. James plays every Friday night in neighboring Peachtree City, at a place with the quaint name of Y-Knots. There are usually anywhere from 40-60 people there playing, and James' longtime friend David meets him there. They eat, have a beer or two, then play poker for about 2-3 hours. No cash involved with winning, only "points" that accumulate. And a few of the top winners for the night get a gift certificate for a restaurant. Y-Knots also offers players an extra 500 poker chips if they spend $10 on food or drink, so of course James has to get his dinner there before he plays, in order to get those chips. I really don't mind this Friday night ritual for him, and I'm actually glad he found the place and doubly glad that his buddy meets him there. My husband works hard, and long hours, and he deserves to enjoy a little time to himself. Me, I enjoy the time off from making dinner and having the TV blasting! My Friday nights are filled with peace, quiet, and lots of reading! (photo of James sitting in on a hand at a museum in Arizona)

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