Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Nice Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. We spent ours on the road. Saturday morning we were at the old house in South Carolina, meeting up with our new realtor Wendy. She has a lot of spunk and fire in her, and I think she will bring us great luck with selling the house. Plus, she lives one block away from the house in the same neighborhood, so we know we will have a pair of eyes watching over the old homestead for us. After all the paperwork was signed, we headed for Knoxville, Tennessee to see James' entire family. Saturday night saw four generations under one roof, celebrating the holiday with happy kids, mothers, grandmother, and great-grandmother. His sisters Cindy and Stephanie did a fantastic job of planning everything and making the evening full of fun and love.

My super husband James and my sweet kitties showed their appreciation by giving me a new digital camera for the occasion. James also surprised me with an antique music stand found in the attic of his great-grandmother's home, and it is beautiful. I love my husband, he is so tuned in to what's good for my heart and soul, he is my treasure. I am still working out the bugs and learning all the buttons on my camera, so my focus was not great with the following photos. But here are a few from this weekend of James with his mom and granny.

I hope everyone else had as fantastic of a weekend as we did!

(photos of James and family shopping at Cracker Barrel, then saying goodbye at his granny's house)

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