Friday, May 15, 2009

Spider's Day Out

When I got Spider, she was a stray, just a few weeks old, and only three tiny pounds. I was living alone at the time, so I took her in, knowing absolutely nothing about cats. I had put my dog to sleep just a few months before, and I needed Spider as much as she needed me, and ever since then she's been my "baby girl". So, being a dog person, I naturally taught Spider to walk on a leash and to go for rides in the car. We went for afternoon walks in the neighborhood, and she learned to enjoy riding with me and looking out the car window. In fact when we moved to Georgia, she rode happily in the backseat of James' car the whole way. I've never had to carry her in a crate to the vet, she's always been well-behaved and walks in on the leash. (Once the vet lays hands on her, of course, the teeth and claws come out.) Today I had to run a few quickie errands, so decided to take Spider with me. It was around noon, and it interrupted naptime, but she was excited to go. Once she hears the leash coming out of the drawer I hide it in, there is no stopping her. She loves it, she has a happy little meow she saves just for car rides, and she loves to rub up against my arm while I'm driving. And if I take a corner too fast, she has a weird little fussy sound, almost like a growl, that she makes at me. So here are photos of Spider going out with me this afternoon. Enjoy!

(Spider has to explore the yard before we go)

(waiting patiently in construction traffic)

(picking up daddy's clothes from the dry cleaner)

(leaving CVS and headed home)

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  1. She's so cute - what a loving companion! You've been tagged, Sandy, because your blog is so wonderful. Stop by my blog for the rules!