Friday, May 22, 2009

Here I Goals Again

No, that is not bad grammar, just me trying to be witty. I thought that since I had reached another milestone (I got my third FIVE POUND star this week at Weight Watchers), I wanted to make another list of weight-related goals for myself.

1. I would like to be under the 200 pound mark before we head to Florida next month. That's only a loss of 13 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks. I think that's achievable, if I work hard at it.

2. James and I have been talking about going here. Last year he wanted to go, but I was not in good enough shape. I would like to go there this fall, or early spring 2010.

3. I would also like to accomplish this. It's only 13 miles from our house, and it would help me overcome my previous failure that I mentioned in this post.

4. I want to try one new recipe a week from my Clean Eating magazines. I've got every issue since volume #1, and I've yet to cook anything out of them. If I'm going to spend the money on the subscription, I need to make use of it.

5. As I lose down to another, smaller size I will immediately get rid of all clothing items in the bigger size and donate them to charity. I will not keep them in my closet "in case" I gain weight again.

Those are the goals on my mind for this week. Hopefully as my efforts progress, I will have a few more to add to my lists.

(photo of my eye- sans makeup- as I was playing with the close up button on my camera last night)


  1. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Sandy! That's a great idea about trying a new recipe each week. You may stumble across some new favorites. Can't wait to see photos of you on the zip-line! (YIKES!).

  2. When we did the zip line last year, they took photos as we were coming across one of the lines, and we looked at them after we were done with the whole ordeal. I was actually smiling in mine (probably fear I'm sure), James had a look of terror in his. Needless to say, that was one time we didn't buy vacation pictures!

  3. Congrats, Sandy... I'm SO proud of you--and know how proud you are of yourself... I'm a mirror image of you. I've gained and lost many, many times through the years---and have NEVER found a happy medium. Every single time I lose, I SWEAR to myself that I will NOT gain it back... BUT --somehow over a 4-5 yr. period, I DO... I've been to Weight Watchers and several others through the years. They DO work---but I don't stick with it AFTER the weight is gone. Now that I'm 65, the weight won't come off as easily. Quite frustrating. BUT--you are young. You can do it. I'm proud of you...

    Have a great weekend and Memorial Day.
    P.S. I know it's all about attitude ---but I have NEVER found a low-cal salad dressing that I 'really' like. Any ideas?

  4. WOWEE Betsy, thanks for saying I am young!!!!!!!!

    As for salad dressings, I used to be a "creamy" dressing person and the low/fat free ones are yucky. So I switched to a vinaigrette. Even the "regular" ones are less fat than most low-fat creamy dressings. Right now I'm addicted to Kraft's Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette. It's great, I like it so much it actually encourages me to eat more salads!!

  5. You're doing great, Sandy! I've never done WW, but I've struggled with my weight for many, many years. Every 5#, every goal met, every pound for that matter, is an achievement! Currently I'm working on losing 15 pounds by October - when WE go back to Florida! I find that I have to do it slowly or it just goes back on. Plus summer is the hardest time to lose here because we top 100 degrees (even 115) most of the summer so I don't get out to walk. If I got more exercise I know I'd lose it faster. In the meantime, if I lose 1# per week, I feel like I'm successful. (Though rather impatient! But I've been known to lose weight through extreme measures and I will not go there again!)

    Keep up the good work! And look into the Cooking Light mag if you have a chance. I've picked up a few recipes there that have become family favs.

  6. BTW - where are you going in Florida??

  7. I actually just subscribed to Cooking Light, I used to get it and still have some old issues.

    We are going to Bradenton, that's my home town. Not too far from Sanibel, you'll find it on the map- just move your finger up along the coast a little.

    As for losing weight, hey, at this point I take any loss as a victory. Even half a pound- at least it's not a gain!