Friday, May 22, 2009

Weigh In Friday

Today was my regular weigh in day at Weight Watchers (my meeting place- above), although I missed last week (the Lowe's delivery). I had a loss of 3.6 for the two weeks, which makes me happy. To me, it signifies that our lifestyle change to eating whole foods is working for us. I know I feel so much better now, I told my meeting leader this morning that when I was eating a lot of sugar and highly-processed foods I was always hungry, always tired. I find I am less so of both these days. I am rarely hungry, even though I am eating less food. I know that doesn't make sense, but my leader explained that since whole foods have more nutrition and usually more fiber (WW calls them "filling foods"), and since they process differently inside our bodies, that is probably why I'm never hungry these days.

I'm not eating anything off the wall, or anything special. Breakfast is a high fiber cereal with either skim or light soy milk. Lunch is usually a small salad, or half of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread (I used to eat a whole sandwich but have found that half a sandwich satisfies me now). Snacks are fresh fruit, or fat free yogurt (the regular kind, not the crazy flavors). Dinner is a large salad, or roasted fresh veggies with a whole grain like quinoa or wild rice, or boneless skinless chicken breast and a side dish of veggies or grains. That's it, nothing more complicated, and I buy everything I need right there in the grocery store. Another member today asked me if I still have cravings for cookies or chips, and I told her truthfully and without hesitation: No!

Eating whole foods is working for us, and we're going to continue to stick with it.

This is a photo of my leader Marci that hangs on the wall at our meeting place, along with other inspirational members. She is amazing and energetic and very funny. She always lets everyone speak up when they want to, even if it makes the meeting run late. She always has an answer for every question. She shares personal stories, recipes, ideas. Marci's very encouraging, whether it's about exercise or trying new foods (I'm going to try millet because of her- I thought it was just bird seed, I didn't know people could eat it!). I've found that if I go early before everyone else starts coming, she will come sit beside me and ask how my week was, and she really listens, even to non-weight-related stories. She knows my name when I walk through the front door. Every week she has us write down our name and phone number, and put them into a bag, and she gives away prizes (I've yet to win, but I keep trying). She is one of the reasons I keep on going back week after week!

And yes, I know there is a pizza place right beside where we meet, but thankfully I go at 9:30 in the morning, so it's not open!!

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