Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

I have not been on my blog lately, but I am still trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs. I follow so many new ones now, and they are all great. Whenever I start following a blog, I always go back to the very first post and start from there, so that I can "know" that person. If someone has been blogging about their life for two years, it's difficult to just jump right in on the current post and know what's been going on with them. New blogs take me a little time to get caught up on, but I eventually do!! Right now I'm reading Diet Coke and Zingers from the beginning. I enjoy reading the success stories of fellow Weight Watchers comrades.

As for us, we didn't do much this weekend that was blogworthy. We spent all of yesterday bringing stuff and boxes up from the basement so we could decorate our bookcases that James put together on Saturday. We've got a lot of family photos and books and whatnots that have still been in storage since we moved, as we didn't have places to put them. So we're working on it. James did a great job with his bookcases, and his office looks great. I am still slowly working on the ones in the living room.

We also took all of our artwork and walked around the house deciding where we wanted to hang everything, and James was kind enough to carry all the pieces and leave them where they are to go. This was supposed to be my duty, but I waffled so much on where I wanted everything to go that in the end I never made any decisions. Sometimes when James puts pressure on me I get a little aggravated at the time, but afterwards I am always thankful because it all finally gets done. Without him, I may not have ever made up my mind! Some days I need a little push in the right direction.

We did all of this while we patiently waited for the frequently rain-delayed Coca-Cola 600 to run. Very very disappointed in the outcome.

Anyhow, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I've got fun stuff like the grocery store and the dry cleaner awaiting me today. Right now I'm watching two male cowbirds trying to court a female out in our front yard. The males are certainly noisy and flapping around, but she seems to be going about her business casually. Ah, such is life with us gals.

I think we have our old house in South Carolina sold finally, I will update with details in the following days! Cross your fingers for us!!

Have a wonderful day!

(photo of James working on his office bookcases)


  1. Moving can be such a pain. But starting with a "clean slate" is inspiring! Not something we get much chance to do - unless we move. Or remodel!! The last time I rearranged furniture, art, etc., was right after we remodeled the kitchen and put new carpet in. I got to "re-do" everything! Ended up with a fresh new look. Almost needs to be done again!

    I spent yesterday "re-doing" DD's entire room and closet. No rest for the weary here! I stripped her room down to the bones, and proceeded to put it all back. Fresh new look, LOTS less clutter!! (I should have taken a picture of the pile of stuffed animals I took out of there!!!! They took up enormous amounts of space - which is now available for other important things!!!) Now I need to do the master closet, which is where all her extraneous stuff got stashed!! Maybe tomorrow....

  2. You know, this is the first "new" house either of us has ever owned. I didn't realize how boring all white walls could be. I've got to get some color in here!!!! I love the idea of painting, and I get excited about it, but the actual painting itself always seems to take longer than it should. I am unfortunately a perfectionist, I don't want even one little smudge out of line. I always make things harder than they should be, it takes the enjoyment out of the project.