Friday, May 29, 2009

Bummer Morning

Ugh, I know Friday is supposed to be a happy day, but mine has already been crummy. One of those days where I just want to pull the covers back over my head and feel sorry for myself. Oh wait, I did that, and it didn't help.

As I mentioned before my hubby is working funky hours this week, so our internal clocks and our sleep patterns have been really off-kilter. This morning when my alarm clock went off, I crawled out of bed to get ready to go to my Weight Watchers meeting. I was looking forward to weigh-in because the scale at home showed at least a 1-2 pound loss for the week. I always love going to my meetings when I can walk in assured of a good weigh-in. But yesterday afternoon my monthly friend came to visit, and this morning I was having cramps so bad that I simply wilted in the shower. That was as far as I made it, and still in my robe with my w
et hair wrapped in a towel, I went back to bed. I admit, when cramps come knocking on my door, I am a wuss. I can deal with just about anything else, but I have always always been a pansy about dealing with that. (I can say these things even though my dad reads my blog- I lived with my folks until I was 25, so this is not news to him.)

I woke up a few hours later when my husband's cell phone rang, and it was the lady who is taking care of selling our old house, with a few questions. My husband was surprised to find me still in bed, I was supposed to be gone already. As he showered, I went through our normal morning routine as best as I could. Coffee, oatmeal for him, cereal for me. As soon as I picked up the oatmeal canister from the pantry shelf it slipped through my grasp and fell to the
floor. It didn't really surprise me, I get what I call the "PMS dropsy" disease every month. I had oatmeal all over the kitchen and even out into the hallway. The cats nosed around for awhile, but realized it was nothing they could eat or play with, so they went on their way. As I was vacuuming, I was also trying to make the coffee and watch his oatmeal cooking on the stove. To make a long story short, the oatmeal was way too runny and the coffee was way too bitter and strong. It is amazing to me how pain can distract someone from something as simple as making breakfast.

Wow, PS- forgot to mention the first time, I spilled my husband's coffee all over the kitchen counter and all over the dining room table! How did I forget that part?!

So that's where I'm at this morning, the husband is gone, I'm here and the couch is calling my name. I normally do not spend the day on the couch unless I am sick, but today I am admitting defeat and calling this a "sick day" for me. If I touch anything else, I'm liable to break it.
In fact, I should probably slowly move away from the computer with my hands up.

Here's a photo of General from yesterday, looking out the bathroom window. I don't really have a photo appropriate for a "PMS symptoms" post. So, enjoy this one instead. (I should have grabbed my camera when I spilled the oatmeal, but I wasn't thinking that fast.)


  1. It's interesting that your "friend" came visiting here yesterday! Thankfully its not so bad for me. However, this is NOT the week to challenge me - just ask my family! I get very cranky and short tempered. I used to get awful cramping, but usually it's not as bad now since I had my daughter. However, I do not enjoy the bloaty feeling, nor my cranky attitude. Lets just hope the appraiser that's coming today doesn't get too snipey with me!!

  2. I tell you, I will be 43 this year, and I actually can't wait for menopause!!! I know, sounds crazy wishing for that, but I hate my period. I had my first one when I was in elementary school!!! So, I am ready to be done with it. James and I got married at 39, so we were hopeful to get pregnant, since neither of us had kids with our former spouses. We tried, and to this day we are still "hopeful", but I am realistic. And, if I'm not going to get pregnant, please stop my periods!!!!!!! I am lucky in one respect- mine have ALWAYS only lasted about 24-48 hours, then I'm done. Yahoo.

    Good luck with your appraiser, is it routine or are you guys selling?? Our appraisal last year for our old house (when we put it on the market) was brutal- because of the economy our value dropped $27,000 in two years, and we actually did home improvements!

  3. Hey, I'm with you!! I'm 46 and I'm ready to be done with it all. I've been experiencing early stages of menopause (hot flashed and night sweats) for about 10 years. I had two miscarriages before my daughter was born, and in order to carry her to term I was on heparin injections, progesterone suppositories and baby aspirin therapy. Then they had to induce me twice and I finally got to push for 2 hours before they did a C-section on me. No more kids happening here!

    The appraiser was here this morning. He seemed quite impressed with our home. It should definitely be at the high end of comps in our area, but I know the appraisal won't be nearly what the last one was. We did a refi almost 3 years ago and drew funds to remodel the kitchen and both bathrooms, plus some carpet and tile work, so our home is practically new inside at this point. I would NEVER have taken out what they said we could back then!! It was very inflated. Thankfully we purchased here 11 years ago and got a pretty good deal, so with our improvements we are fine. We aren't selling, we just want to take advantage of the lower interest rates. We can lower our rate by 2% if the appraisal comes in. If is doesn't we're only out the appraisal fee.

  4. Bummer day. I'm sorry! I can still remember days like that once a month...except that mine lasted 4 days at least! I can tell you this: Menopause is wonderful!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay for getting old!!!!!!!!