Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love Strong

Does anyone else wear one of those rubber wristbands supporting their favorite charity, or offering up some other type of personal inspiration? I'm not sure what their origin is, I remember the first one I ever saw was the Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" yellow wristband. But now I see them everywhere, in every color, for every reason. I used to think they were sort of silly, and besides, they always clash with whatever you are wearing. I turned my nose up at them. That is, until I started wearing one. When James accepted the position here in Georgia, he had to start almost immediately. I stayed behind to finish packing, putting the house on the market, and to continue working. We had intentions of me staying behind until the house sold, but that didn't work out for us. We knew it would be difficult to be separated, not just at home, but remember we worked together, I was used to seeing him during my workday as well.

James moved over to Georgia, taking three of the cats with him, leaving me behind in our old home with the other two kitties. A week after his departure, my parents came up to the North Carolina mountains to rent a cabin and relax. I took a few days off work to spend there with them, and James was able to drive over from Georgia for a few days as well. While shopping in Dillsboro (one of my favorite towns up there), I found one of those wristbands, with my husband's name on it. Alongside his name were inspirational phrases such as "believe", "trust", "courage", "hope", "dream"- you get the idea. I bought it, vowing to wear it at all times until we were living together once more. We ended up being apart for almost three months, although he came home when he could, for just a day here and there.

Our house hasn't sold, but we hated living without each other, and on December 31st (my birthday), we were reunited here in Georgia and moved into our new home on the 1st of this year. Still, I wear the wristband, and I don't take it off at all. I did not consciously decide to keep wearing it, I just decided NOT to take it off. It has served as a type of anchor for me, for my awareness about the decisions I make daily, reminding me that there are two of us. Whatever I do or don't do, this wristband reminds me that what goes on in my life also goes on in my husband's life. Sometimes it's a good reminder when I'm out shopping that my dear husband is at work, busting his butt for our income, while I'm out playing, and I look at the wristband and think gosh I really don't need those new pair of sandals after all. When I'm at the grocery store eyeballing the frozen pizza or ice cream, I see the wristband and think, how would my husband feel if I gained another 5, 10, 15 pounds- then I reach for the fresh squash or peaches instead.

It sounds sort of corny and trivial, but for me this wristband has really helped me on my way to making healthier choices in my life, whether it's for my diet or exercise or saving money or cleaning the house, or whatever. I always ask myself, what would James want me to do and what is best for our "family"? It is just the two of us, but we ARE a family.

(my tribute to my husband)

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