Friday, May 15, 2009

This Morning, Part Two

Yes, I am home this morning, waiting for a delivery from Lowe's, which is why I skipped Weight Watchers. It was either that or my dear husband would have to take off from work, and that is not an option in my mind. The man is too busy to sit around the house waiting on a truck just so I can go step on someone else's scale (after I'd already weighed here at home!!). And besides, the truck is delivering something for me! And I am so excited. I've had several posts where I've complained about how unorganized I am in my new craft room. And I've used that as a really stupid excuse as to why I haven't been painting these days. (Lack of talent and imagination has nothing to do with that, right?!?) So last night, after a very long but almost comical ordeal that I won't go into, Lowe's will be delivering four new storage cabinets for my husband to put together, and for me to finally get my Hairy Spider studio back together again. And I can't wait!! I have so many ideas in my head about how I want the room to look, and these cabinets are going to really help me get those plans off the ground. I am not even a fraction as creative as Marie is in designing a studio (see it here), but I hope to have the room in some semblance of logical order soon. It's a hell of a lot easier to pull something off a shelf than it is to lift up three boxes to get to the box you want, only to find out it's the wrong box.

I will send photos to update you on the progress, but here is a photo to show you part of my crafting supplies. Oh yes, there's another wall in the room with crap, plus more junk in the basement. Remember, this is over 20 years' worth of stuff!! Do you believe me now when I said we needed a big house?

(the scary room upstairs......)

Update: the cabinets have been delivered. YAY!!!


  1. Well I expect to see a fuly developed studio the next time we come. I am really happy with your attitude about your diet. Remember what old dad says " be true to yourself when eating" and you will be the winner.
    Love dad

  2. Good luck, Sandy - this is very exciting. Can't wait to see the finished product and some new Black Hairy Spider art! p.s. thanks for your kind words about Hobbes on my blog - it's much appreciated. Have a super weekend!

  3. I think it's great to organize and get your crafts in place where you can easily get to it. I hope that once the room is all fixed the creativity will flow from you greatly.