Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Product Endorsement!!!

Yes it's the Magic Bullet!!! I know you've all seen the infomercials on TV for this goofy looking thing. I watch those too and normally I make fun of them just like most of you probably do. But this is one infomercial gadget that really does live up to all the hype (so does my GT Express 101, but that's for another story). James got the Magic Bullet back when it first came out, in his bachelor days while dating me and living in an apartment. He'd just sold his house, and he also sold most of the stuff that was in it because he went from a two-story home to a two-bedroom apartment. Anyhow, this was one of the purchases made for his new parred-down lifestyle. I laughed hysterically when he got one (okay, but wait, he ordered now and got a second one free for just the shipping & handling charges and gave that to his mom). He made everything with this contraption, even tuna salad!

It took me a long time to warm up to the Magic Bullet, in fact it took a few years. But before I knew it I was using it to make my own yogurt and fruit smoothies, as well as homemade versions of a frappuccino and iced coffees. And yes, I even started to buy whole bean coffee and ground it myself, which is what I used it for today (photo above). I never realized that yes, freshly ground coffee really does taste better. I know they have coffee grinders and smoothie makers and juicers, etc. But so far the Magic Bullet has served us both well since 2005!

I am not an actor and I was not paid for this endorsement. Thank you.


  1. The Magic Bullet does look like it would be fun - unfortunately I have a nice blender, so no bullet for me.

    ...and you know I just had to google "gtxpress" - now I'm jealous! You have all of the fun kitchen toys!

  2. I bought the GT Express one day when I was at home sick on the couch, I was doped up on sinus medicine and captivated by the infomercial- my willpower was low that day, ha ha. It turned out to be a fun toy. Another one of those "get one free" traps. But we gave the extra to James' mom. His folks have a camper which they use a LOT, so they can use all the space-saving kitchen doo-dads.

  3. Everytime I watch those infomercials, I want to buy something - this in particular. I won't read your post so I won't be tempted any further. Too late, already read it! I would use this all day long I think. Enjoy!