Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Final Product

All four cabinets are done, and a big round of applause for James and David, they did the work in one day, albeit a long day for the guys. They look fantastic up in the room, and my husband even brought up an old TV stand from the basement (in the middle of the cabinets) so I could have a TV and stereo upstairs with me while I work. The guys were gracious and patient enough to line up the cabinets exactly the way I wanted them, and I appreciate all their hard work.

The cabinets have adjustable shelves in them, and we may even go back to Lowe's to get a few more. These guys were even nice enough to put the shelves in for me!!

To give you an idea of their size, here I am. I'm 5' 5", and they are taller than I am, and they are each four feet wide (thank goodness I am not as wide). I didn't measure, but they are about three+ feet deep, I'm guessing.

Now the fun part for me is to find a way to fit all of this (below) into the cabinets. I have more supplies stored in a closet in the room, and even more stuff in the basement, but I'm not sure it will all fit. I've got an old bookcase down in the basement I am slowly sanding to repaint and bring up as well, but I hope to use that to showcase all of the wonderful black cat artwork I've collected from folks like Lisa and Marie and many other talented artists.

Last but certainly not least, a great big kudos to my husband who, after all that hard work yesterday, got up this morning and is currently push-mowing our entire yard in the rain. Is he the greatest hubby in the whole world or what???

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  1. Great Job have James do that for your mom in our Wal-Mart kids bed room.