Thursday, May 14, 2009

Special Privileges

Well Spider has had her outdoor privileges restored. She's been back out on the deck and behaving herself. Romeo, however, is still serving out his sentence of (indoor) house arrest after his little incident (see this post). Although I've noticed a squirrel or two in the backyard, and Spider is certainly watching them closely, I don't expect her to jump off and go chasing them. First of all, Romeo is just a young, energetic male and that squirrel was climbing up the post of the deck, challenging him with chatters and flicks of his brushy little tail. Secondly, Spider is too fat and lazy to chase anything (just like me), except a crunchy treat across the living room floor (just like me). I will continue to observe her behavior and make certain she is not watching the squirrels with too much interest. I've let our granny kitty Hairy out there too, but she only goes out for a roll in the sunshine for about ten minutes, then wants to come back in to sleep on the comfy couch. Spider would spend 24 hours a day out there on the deck if I would let her. Sorry sister girl, not going to happen, no matter how much you meow!

(Spider on the BBQ grill watching the squirrels yesterday)

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