Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Hawks!

Okay, so I'm not actually an Atlanta Hawks basketball fan (I was secretly cheering for the Heat) but as my husband said last night, the Hawks going into the next round of games is great for business. Great for his business. And anything great for his business is great for the whole Truan household here. My husband works for the country's second largest food distribution company, and his division is one of the largest in the entire company. He is the director of operations, and he's over a few hundred employees and several departments, which includes all product coming into and out of the warehouse (Shipping, Receiving), and the delivery of products to customers (Transportation). So, the Hawks winning will boost the economy here in Atlanta, and my husband's company services Hartsfield-Jackson (officially the world's busiest airport), many many hotels, and of course lots of restaurants and sports bars. In this economy, any time a company can report an increase in business, that is almost newsworthy these days! James' division also supplies food and equipment to schools, hospitals, and the Department of Defense, so their business does not solely rely on the local sporting events (which is good because the Falcons suck!), but certainly an NBA playoff series in town doesn't hurt.

My husband has been working at his current company for 12 years, and he's risen up from a guy who drove a pallet jack and pulled sacks of flour and rice off the shelf, to a guy who is next in line for a vice president position. James would flip out if I was bragging on him, but I am so proud of him and he is way too humble. He works super hard and is over-the-top dedicated to his job and the company, and he deserves an accolade along the way. Since I worked with him for eight years, I know firsthand how hard he works and how serious his responsibilities are. I love the company too (just wish they had a job opening for me here!!!) and with the economy still seeming to slide a little farther down every day, I am happy my husband works in an industry that so far has managed to stay steady and stable.

Oh yeah- Go Hawks!! (photo of the Hawks from the AJC online)

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