Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodbye Old Habits

This post is for me, to remind me to keep up with the good work, and to show me just how far we've come in only three weeks. If you will go back to my April 24th post, you will see what evils were lurking in my pantry at the time. The photos below are of the current state of our kitchen. We are learning to change everything about the way we eat and the way we view food. In the past, even though I was counting points with Weight Watchers and watching my calorie/fat intake, I relied on staples like low-fat ice cream bars, single bag servings of microwave popcorn, Snackwell cookies, or crackers. Sure, I was following the program and not going over my points, but what kind of crap was that to put into my body? And I also had to remind myself, the junk food I brought into the house was what my husband was eating too. The first change we made was to start grocery shopping together, and discussing what alternatives we could choose and what meals we would make during the week. We shop every Sunday afternoon, instead of the way I used to shop- rush in on a weekday and load up the cart to last for 2-3 weeks so I wouldn't have to come back again for awhile.

Now my favorite snack is fat free yogurt mixed with pineapple and high fiber cereal. My new favorite go-to lunch is a cucumber and tomato salad with vinaigrette and a few crumbles of feta. Tonight for dinner we are having the marinated roasted veggies (in bag in first photo) and quinoa again- no, I'm leaving out the tofu this time. Yesterday I made myself get on
the treadmill, although I didn't go as long as I wanted to. Yes it was painful for me, but being fat and tired and unhappy is also a painful way to live. At least the treadmill only lasts an hour. I know as the days grow warmer and the evenings hold onto the sunlight longer, we will start grilling out again. James loves it, he's a grill master, and I love the help with making dinner. I think a meal should be something more than whatever I can throw together on a plate. My sister-in-law Stephanie, who is a vegetarian, once told me that everyone should give thought and have appreciation for where food comes from. I also want to add that everyone should think about what food does for your body, your mind, your mood. Remember that old saying, garbage in garbage out? My new translation: if you eat crap, you will feel like crap!!

(scenes from the fridge)

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