Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's A Beautiful Morning

Here is the view from my driveway this morning at 6:30 when I went out to get the newspapers. Gorgeous, isn't it? I know, sailors take warning and all that. But it's a spectacular way to start off the day- and this was before I even had my coffee! The moon still hanging, the perfect colors, the soft wisps of clouds. It's already sunny now, and a hummingbird just visited the feeder outside the office window. I have the window open and could hear his patented buzzing of wings as he stopped to hover over his breakfast. Now I am enjoying the song of a very talented mockingbird perched on the street light across the road from the house. This is a beautiful morning indeed.

James left for work at his normal 7:00am, and he has a long day ahead of him. He and several others are traveling down to Columbus, Georgia to meet with, and have dinner with, their drivers who work out of that area. It's something he does about once a month, visiting the outlying regions for the Atlanta division, touching base with employees he doesn't have the chance to see very often. He won't be home until close to bedtime tonight. And today I have no errands that will take me outside the home, so I have a lot of projects in mind.

Above is one of the cabinets in the new studio, and I was stunned but everything is finding a new home easily. It's wonderful to be organized. I put all of my pottery supplies in one cabinet, all of my paints and canvas in another cabinet, all of my sewing projects in another. The photo above is the fourth cabinet that contains all of my scrapbooking gear- I forgot how much I had until I gathered it all in one place. Today I will be installing a curtain rod and duh, hanging curtains in the room. I have blinds on the windows, so the curtains are just a frilly extra to add color to the room. Next project for the room will be to start hanging my collection of black cat artwork. So, that's where I will be again today, upstairs.

And on a final note, here is our living room which will be empty as of tomorrow. Well, empty in principle. Tonight is the last of the "season finales" for the shows that we watch, and every year we vow not to sit around and watch reruns when there are other things we can be doing (playing basketball, walking in the neighborhood, yard work) with our time. Tonight, after watching my favorite show Criminal Minds, the TV will more than likely be off every evening (except for sporting events). The older I get, the more I lose interest in watching TV. We have a few favorite shows that we like, and we watch those. Even though I'm home for 12 hours every day before James comes home from work, the TV does not come on. I find that once I sit down on the couch, I have trouble making myself get back up. So during the day, the TV stays off. I only watch 1-2 hours of TV a day, just our prime time shows. No news (we get 2 papers), no talk shows (Oprah is boring these days), no how-to shows on HGTV or Food Network (I have too many projects to actually do, and too many meals to actually prep).

Summer is almost upon us, and I don't want to spend my summer evenings trapped in the living room watching a rerun of How I Met Your Mother or Law & Order. Loved the episodes the first time around, don't need to see them a second or third time.

The following photo montage is how I spent my evening last night- strolling through the yard, reading a book out on the back deck, and letting the kitties have sup
ervised outdoor time- yes, even Romeo. Everyone have a wonderful day and I will be back on here tomorrow.


  1. Your art room looks wonderful!!! So glad Romeo has gotten his privledges back. Hope he remains on good behavior. Tonight I have a vet appt for Sammie and Bella - did you ever try to get ferals into a carrier? YIKES. I have a feeling Jake and Gracie will be going in their place (luckily, everyone is due for shots!). Enjoy your day!

  2. Your organizing is looking great. Can't wait to see what you do for curtains.

    I love Criminal Minds, too!! Can't wait to watch tonight. But then we have to wait 3-4 months for it to return!!

    As you can guess, I love your black cats! Mine is my shadow, but I love her orange Sidekick as well. I'm glad to see that my cats are not the only ones who enjoy a good nap on the table!

  3. With five of them, it always seems that at least one of them is under foot all the time. I always joke and tell them we have five cats too many! Right now it's Spider who is at my side, but if it's not her, it's one of the others. There is never any "alone" time around this house, even when I go to the bathroom I have to leave the door open because they sit out there and bang on the door and meow. Like I said in an earlier post, I might as well have children!!

    As for the table manners, unfortunately it extends to the dinner table at night, and they are like wild animals when food is put on the table. I place the plates and forks on the table, and they are literally sitting up there waiting for the food to make it to the plates. They know they are not supposed to get up on the table, but they don't care. My husband gets up half a dozen times during a meal to pick them up and remove them from the table. They are not like dogs, they don't know what "get down" and "go lay down" means! Or if they do, they are playing dumb...