Friday, May 15, 2009

This Morning, Part One

Normally I am not posting on a Friday morning, because this is the time I go to my Weight Watchers meeting. This morning however, I am home (see part two). I am a tad disappointed that I am not going to the meeting, because my scale at home shows a two pound loss for this week, and I would love to see that recorded in my WW book! (I would have received another 5-pound star today!) But, this situation just gives me more motivation to work hard this week, so that I not only NOT blow this week's loss, but hopefully lose another pound or two to go with it. In the past, missing a meeting would have been like an invitation to eat everything in sight. I'm not going to weigh in, so hey, let's go to a pizza buffet tonight! And why stop there? Let's go out for burgers on Saturday afternoon, and maybe all you can eat pancakes on Sunday morning!! Not this time. I am using my weight loss this week as a stepping stone for a greater loss next week. Although my diet has been good and on track this week, I have to report that I've not been exercising due to my (lame excuse of) continuing back problems.

I am still struggling with the mental part of my game plan. We did go out to eat last night, as we were out and about for a few hours running errands. We went to Moe's, which was just convenient because it was the first place we came to. In the past at Moe's, I've always gotten the gigantic burrito called the Homewrecker with steak (should be called the Dietwrecker), at a dreadful 835 calories and 29 grams of fat- and of course a basket of chips and several Cokes. Last night I had a small soft taco with grilled chicken (370 calories, 17 grams of fat), one Diet Coke, and while my husband wasn't looking I tossed half of my chips into his basket. Not the most diet-friendly place to eat, but I am happy that I made a change in my old habit. Homewrecker was just automatically what I spouted out when I would step into a Moe's. In fact, this was the first time I ever went to a Moe's and ordered anything else! Logic would tell me, I need to stay out of Moe's.....

My progress consists of small baby steps, but that's how we all learned to walk in the beginning. Now look at us all- we can run, jump, even do cartwheels!!

(the note on my freezer, one of my motivational tools!)

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