Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have gotten a few emails from friends back in SC about how my hair is growing out and how I should keep it short. My mom loves it short. Hubby says it's cute on me. No, sorry to you all. I've had long hair all my life, and have had a short style maybe 2-3 times over the years. I've always grown it back out. My natural color is super dark brown, almost black. But I like it red, so try to keep it colored. I started going blond a few years ago and I am sorry to say that the over-processing completely ruined my hair. It was getting thin, broken, super dry. So in 2008 I cut it off. Yes, me, one day in the bathroom with a pair of scissors. It was a spur of the moment decision. My hubby was passed out on the couch recovering from dental surgery, and I went upstairs and literally just chopped it off with no premeditation at all. Eventually I had to go to a salon to have it professionally cut (I thought I did a good job myself), and the last time I went my girl Amy cut it WAY too short and that was the last time for me. I love short cuts and cute styles, but not on me, just on other people! Now I'm growing my curly mess back out and hope to keep it healthier this time (read: no more blond). So here is the not-so-brief and very boring photo history of my hair from my husband's collection...... What is your verdict- short or long, light or dark??

(summer of 2004- my "real" hair color)

(early 2005- close to my natural color)

(late 2005- getting lighter)

(early 2006- the day before my wedding, really light)

(fall of 2006- way too blond)

(Christmas 2006- this is when it started to get thin and scraggly, and falling out)

(early 2008, here is where I cut it myself)

(a month later, professionally cut...)

(....and straightened- it took her an hour!!)

(fall 2008- the cut that made me scream NO MORE!- and yes I have naturally curly hair)

(watch out- the frumpy, middle-aged, angry fat lady look!!)

(current- letting it grow out and dealing with it)

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