Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chilly Morning

As I start this post at 7am this morning, it is 44 outside, and 52 in the house. Yes, you read that correctly. I left at least a few of the windows open last night, and for me, 52 inside the house is a dream come true. Just this weekend on Sunday, I was sitting here at the desk with the AC cranked and a fan plugged up blowing on me. Here I am on Tuesday in flannel PJ's and fuzzy slippers. Isn't life wonderful??? Remember folks, I am not posting from Maine or North Dakota. I am south of Atlanta, Georgia and it is almost June!!! This is MY kind of weather. But unfortunately, my husband was freezing this morning as he drank his coffee and read the paper, and not even his steaming bowl of oatmeal could warm him up. I am hot-natured, and even growing up on the Gulf coast of Florida, I hate hate hate hate the heat, and once the temperature gets even close to 80, I want to pass out. So, I am happy for this last little respite before the hot, humid summer in the south begins. Winter has long been my favorite time of the year. And as much as I love flowers and gardening and a lush green lawn, I can't take the higher temps that go along with it. James, on the other hand, hates winter and can't stand being cold in the house. It's a give and take with us. I'm happy in the winter, he's happy in the summer. But, as long as I have my little fan to carry around with me from room to room, I can bare the warmer weather- at least in the house. Outside? Forget about it. I am a whiner as soon as the first bead of sweat starts to form. But for now, I'm going to smile and give a shout out to Mother Nature for granting the south with this blast from the arctic! (photos from our big snow storm back in March)

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